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Packaging System

The SKAKO Packaging System is a flexible system that can fill different size carton boxes and plastic returnable boxes. It is easy to operate and reprogram, which makes is especially suitable for industries that operate with many different items and short and medium size batches.

The standard system consists of a vibrating storage feeder, a vibrating conveyor, a chute system with accumulation possibility, a table with integrated load cells and a sample/check weighing platform.

The two scales communicate through a joint Siemens PLC program, which secures the same tare weight (box weight) for both scales. This eliminates any discrepancies there may be between the two scales.

The packaging machine can be configured to fit the customer’s specific container/containers and combined with a Lift Tipper for charging.


  • Compact, single floor, design, which allows it to be placed in a limited floor space area with no need for extra ceiling height.
  • An open construction, which makes the machine easy to clean and the process both accessible and easily monitored with low risk of mixing products when switching from one to another.


  • Material: Fasteners such as bolts, nuts, screws and rivets
  • Capacity: 2-4 large boxes/min 5-7 small boxes/min
  • Box size: Min. L90 x W90 x H60 mm Max. L400 x W300 x H280 mm
  • KLT sizes: 3147/3215, 4147/4315, 4317/4321
  • Weight range: 0,5 – 38 kg.
  • Piece weight: 0,5 – 200 g.

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