As of 29 December 2023, SKAKO Concrete is no longer a part of SKAKO A/S. Read more under Company Announcements.

The French Ministry of Defense wanted to centralize its sites and services and build a huge center to host 9,300 military and civil employees from 15 existing sites spread all over Paris. This has become known in France as the “projet Balard” or the “French Pentagon”! – 320,000 m2 of office surface, conference rooms, restaurants, kindergardens, swimming pool etc. The works started in January, 2012, and should be completed by August, 2014.

The project was launched as a particular collaboration between public bodies and private entreprises (PPP = Public Private Partnership). The private part was entrusted upon the Group Bouygues and the concrete production part upon the French UNIBETON. A quantity of approx. 1,000 m3 of concrete per day at some stage of the works was needed. Having many individual deliveries from not near by would mean serious problems in the traffic of the Paris region during working hours. On the contrary opting for a jobsite plant again meant other challenges such as the permanent and sufficient availability of raw materials and production facilities within a very restricted area leaving space for the concrete trucks to move around insite and providing space for the concrete pump.To solve these tasks the UNIBETON chose SKAKO Concrete’s equipment. SKAKO provided a MasterMix 4000 jobsite plant with 2 Megastore modules with 4 times 100 m3 each of storage capacity underground and with a common supply by truck unloader, hoist and weigh belts. For the storage of cement four 100 ton silos are used.

The SKAKO mixer produces 2,7 m3 of vibrated concrete per cycle and fills a 8 m3 concrete truck in 3 batches. It has a second discarge gate which feeds a concrete pump. All of this plant design and equipment means a capacity of 110 m3 per hour at a 30 second mixing cycle and 80 m3 per hour at 55 seconds.This plant corresponds exactly to the needs of an in city building site and provides all the flexibility you want. The concrete is available in the quantity and in the quality needed at demand.

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