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Atlantis – heart of your concrete batching plant.

The SKAKO ATLANTIS CONCRETE MIXER, is a high-performance, planetary mixer, and the result of over 90 years of mixer evolution.

ATLANTIS is designed to optimize mixing, cleaning, discharging, energy consumption, maintenance and safety in everyday use.


  • Quicker, cleaner and safer
  • Less manpower needed during lifetime
  • Up to 50% shorter cleaning time
  • Up to 23% faster discharge
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Self-lubricating gear in oil sump
  • Up to 19% savings on energy consumption
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Fast replacement of wear parts

SKAKO CONCRETE now provides a 5 year warranty on the mixer gearbox.


  • Creates shifting pressure and vacuum zones, eliminates dead zones, speeds up the mixing process and produces homogeneous concrete
  • Facilitates the cleaning, keeps the concrete from getting trapped, and prevents new batch from being mixed with old concrete
  • Speeds up the emptying, increasing productivity.
  • Enhance worker safety.
  • Making operating and servicing more convenient and protect from dust.


  • Varied shovel design, counter-current movements and different speed of turning shovels
  • Interior of mixer designed with no sharp edges or corners
  • Particular place, design and size of hydraulically controlled discharge gate
  • The safety system of the hatch opening
  • Legs raise the mixer by 500 mm off the ground and host wiring and pipes

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