As of 29 December 2023, SKAKO Concrete is no longer a part of SKAKO A/S. Read more under Company Announcements.

Conflex Bucket Conveyors

A flexible and sealed discharge system.


  • The entire layout is entered into the SKAKOFLEX control and software and makes it possible to adapt the speed and approach the movable station correctly.
  • To combine more mixing plants with several work stations.


CONFLEX is available in three sizes each of them with rotating and bottom discharge – the bottom one with completely sealed closure system. Possibly even buckets with a two compartment hopper to separate two kinds of concrete.

Always to know the exact position of the bucket? To let it seek and find also movable stations?

The control system controls up to 5 buckets, 30 work stations and 8 mixers.


Speeds up your production:

  • High speed, up to 5 m/s
  • Low noise
  • Climbs up to 20%
  • High safety

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