As of 29 December 2023, SKAKO Concrete is no longer a part of SKAKO A/S. Read more under Company Announcements.


Moveable overhead gantry. From mixing to casting.


  • The conveyor bucket CONFLEX and the overhead gantry DISTRIBETON transports concrete from a mixer to a filling line station and to the movable casting machines
  • The conveyor bucket SKAKO CONFLEX with rail system and the SKAKO DISTRIBETON feeding line


SKAKO DISTRIBETON transports fresh concrete from conveyor bucket to any point of usage in factory hall.

  • Movable or fixed stations
  • Fully or semi-automatic ordering system via touch panel or tablet
  • Two types of bottom discharge


  • Hydraulically operated gate
  • Bottom discharge gate for all types of concrete
  • Single discharge for SCC concrete
  • Double discharge for dry concrete
  • Portal or semi-portal design
  • Up to 26 m span
  • Dumping or controlled discharge of concrete
  • High-pressure cleaning

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