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For many years SKAKO VIBRATION has contributed creative solutions for proportioning and automatic handling of bulk products in the electroplating industry.

Automatic weight controlled loading into plating barrels is achieved by either negative charges directly out of the FVE-storage feeder into the plating barrel or in connection with an additional weighing basket by using the positive charge system, which is recommended where high accuracy batching is required. Negative charging permits optimization of the stored quantity in the FVE-storage feeder to avoid half empty barrels at the end of one product type.


For the storage and proportioning of all kind of bulk products the well-known SKAKO VIBRATION FVE-storage feeders are often used. These are particularly suitable for controlled loading of a wide range of bulk products, especially interlocking producs.

Pneumatic moved transfer chutes ensure the clean and save discharge to the following barrel as well as ensure the free movement of the barrels and the needed access for manual fitting of lids.


Controlled, automatic and weight guaranteed feeding of bulk material ensures a steady product quality, optimized efficiency of the downstream equipment to be feeded as well as reproduceable and traceable production parameters.

According to the permanent plc-operator control (if required self-adjustment) with constant target/actual – capacity-comparison and automatic supervision of the feeding cruise of FVE-feeder (if required self-adjustment) a full automatically, absolut consistant and equable barrel feeding of all kind of bulk material will be guaranteed.

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