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The universal triple effect concrete mixer


  • Quick batching cycles
  • Easy and fast emptying
  • Smooth and time saving maintenance
  • Homogeneous stable quality at low cost
  • Flexible size batches from same mixer – less investments
  • Face concrete quality
  • Automatic or easy cleaning between one batch and the other

Reversible screw

  • Homogenizes and distributes materials vertically – MEANS BETTER MIXING
  • Ensures equal mixing at all filling levels of cone (10 to 100%) – MEANS FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION
  • Inversion of screw direction prevents retention of materials and accelerates emptying – MEANS SHORTER BATCHING CYCLES


Reversible rotation cone:

  • Accelerates emptying – MEANS SHORTER CYCLES
  • Cone with minimum surface – MEANS FAST AND EASY CLEANING
  • No tools at inlet mean no residuals clinging from batch to batch – MEANS BETTER CONCRETE QUALITY
  • Conical shape allows for smaller batches from 10 to 100 % of maximum filling capacity – MEANS FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION
  • Removes all materials sticking to scrapers at each inversion of cone rotation –
  • Mixing starts at first introduction of materials – MEANS FASTER MIXING

More advantages

Reversible high speed whirler:

  • High speed prevents and destroys bullets of non-mixed particles – MEANS BETTER MIXING
  • Provides intense compression and increases cement activity – MEANS POWDER SAVINGS
  • Release/snap and easily removable parts – MEANS FAST AND EASY MAINTENANCE
  • Long life wear part with high speed steel reinforcements – MEANS LOW COST MAINTENANCE
  • Distributes rapidly liquids into heart of mix – MEANS FASTER MIXING

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