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Efficient filling and compacting of gabions.

With the SKAKO patent pending system of filling gabions, the process of producing gabions is not only made faster, but also more efficient. The gabions become more compact, which is crucial when building retaining walls.


When investing in a SKAKOGAB, there are different levels of automation to choose from.

The core of the SKAKOGAB is the 2.000×1000 mm vibrating table, that can hold one or more gabion crates. The table can be combined with a bot-tom grate and a discharge chute, for recovering of fines, as well as a belt conveyor to transport the fines into a side container.

To further automate and reduce loading times of the gabions, the SKAKOGAB can be combined with a hopper and one or two feeders.

The hopper can hold stones required for 4-5 filling cycles.


With the SKAKOGAB, the gabions are more compact, thus making them more stable. The weight of a 2m3 SKAKOGAB gabion is appr. 3.600 kg, with a bulk density of 1,5. This is at least 10% more than a normal gabion.

The metal bottom grate with discharge chute and belt conveyer facilitates the removal of fines, which minimizes the need for clearing the table in between crates.

The stones can be discharged into the SKAKOGAB directly, or via a hopper with feeders that feeds into the SKAKOGAB. With the hopper solution, the filling of stones does not have to be timed, as the hopper can hold 4-5 filling cycles.

Optional platforms can be added to the SKAKOGAB, for easy access and overview.

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