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Proportioning of synthetic fibres – Type FP 150

The compact unit consists of cutting head, outlet funnel with pneumatic sliding gate to prevent dust and moisture from penetrating the unit, and monitoring indicators of the rope in case of thread rupture or thread stop.

The fibre rope is supplied in a pure and dry quality from an external magazine (not included).

The fibre proportioning is a time proportioning.


SKAKO CONCRETE proportioning system for both single fibres (monofilament fibres), monofilament fibres in bundle and fibre net (fibrillated fibres) of polypropylene and other synthetic materials. The system is fully automatic and based on a time proportioning directly into the mixer, skip hoist, intermediate hopper or onto the belt conveyor.

The system replaces the manual addition of fibres ensuring:

  • Accurate proportioning of fibres
  • Good distribution of fibres during addition
  • No lumps of fibres in the mix
  • Considerable savings on purchase of fibres
  • Easy integration in existing plant


Cutting length:
12 mm is standard.
Lengths of 24, 32 and 54 mm can be quoted.
6 mm can be quoted at an additional price.

Proportioning capacity:
Approx. 2.6 m/sec corresponding to 50 g/sec.

Repeating accuracy:
+/- 2 %

The data stated depend on fibre type.
Not all types of fibre can be used.
SKAKO is to receive fibre sample for testing purpose.

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