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Washing drums

The Single Flow “De-Mudding” Washing Drum is a classically simple piece of process equip-ment, yet highly efficient and cheap and easy to maintain.

The SKAKO Vibration “De-Mudding” Washing Drum has been continually developed over many years, resulting in the most optimized drum for removal of mud and other waste materials, and additionally for washing out and recovery of required minerals e.g. phosphate.


  • Optimized Design for The capacity handled in relation to the power consumed.
  • Proven Rubber Lining, totally covering the inside surface, and providing the required washing/scrubbing action, together with the forward movement of the material.
  • Chassis built as standardised units with Direct Drive. Without V-belt transmission.
  • Simple wear resistant water-proof sealing system, and protection against corrosion.


Multiple combinations provide high operational efficiency and facilitate easy maintenance.

  • Dewatering Screens combined with after washing for very sticky materials.
  • Inlet Chutes, with water added and carefully lined with rubber.
  • Outlet Chutes, adapted to suit following machines.
  • Additional screens, for removal of sand before the washing drum, or afterwards for final washing, rinsing and water removal.
  • Housing to suit the local environment, and protect against adverse climatic conditions.
  • Complete Installations Pre-separation, De-mudding, After Washing and Dewatering.
  • Safety Guards Designed for optimal access and maintenance.
  • Service Access Bridge for internal maintenance of e.g. lining.

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