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2012 SKAKO Concrete replaced and optimized the whole automation system of S:t Eriks in Uppsala closeto Stockholm – one of the largest automation systems which SKAKO has ever installed. S:t Eriks is one of Sweden’s mostimportant and innovative suppliers of precast concrete elements to contractors both for private and public works. See product line at .

The plant consists of: 6 concrete mixers with a total of 8 discharge gates, 4 bucket conveyor rails two of which are equipped with two compartment hoppers for the transport of colored pigmented concrete, inlet and aggregate silo plant with active buffer storage for transport and distribution to 20 silos, 72 individual proportioning units for aggregates, powder, pigments, water and additives.

The consistency control involves 3 different systems: Aquamat (dry concrete), Wattmeter (normal concrete for slump measurement), and TunerLux (self compacting concrete). Because of the layout of the plant there are 3 positions from which the automation system can be managed. On top you find a fourth terminal from which you can obtain statistics of the plant – production data etc. – and where you can load recipes into the control system without influencing the ongoing operations.

The system enables the ordering of “concrete on tap” at 14 ordering terminals for 19 working stations.The terminals again enable the ordering of quantity, recipe number, project number, 6 different ordering folders, correction of water inlet etc. and indication of position of ordered concrete throughout the plant.

The whole plant can be controlled / managed by our hot-line in Denmark with experienced technicians being at your disposal around the clock. This automation system was installed and implemented during four weeks of the Swedish summer!

The achievement was made possible by the excellent preparation, engagement and experience of the S:t Eriks staff. The starting point and definition of the project was established on a very credible basis so that all problems could be solved often even before they occurred. In addition to this the staff was trained to operate the automation system during a 3 days training session at SKAKO before the implementation. – without this action maybe some grey hair and wrinkles would occur at some places.

Sadly it will be sometime before we have the opportunity to work with the people at St Eriks again; on the other hand we are pleased that this innovative factory now has an automation system which will guarantee steady and smooth operations for many years to come!

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