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Spiral Conveyors

The SKAKO Spiral conveyors are uniquely designed to elevate a broad spectrum of materials, from fine powders to large substances, efficiently and with minimal wear. These systems are tailored for industries that prioritize minimal maintenance and longevity in material handling equipment.


Spiral Conveyors operate on a principle of microprojections that gently propel materials upward through controlled vibrations, eliminating direct mechanical contact. This innovative method not only preserves the integrity of the materials during transport but also extends the conveyor’s lifespan by reducing the need for maintenance. These conveyors are ideally suited for handling sensitive or abrasive materials that necessitate careful movement, making them indispensable in sectors where material quality and system reliability are paramount. The optional additions of cooling or heating and airtight configurations provide further versatility, making these conveyors a flexible solution for a wide range of industrial applications


  • Applications: Recycling industries, concrete and cement, glass manufacturing, coal & power generators, food & pet food sectors.
  • Features: Provides gentle lifting through vibration, which minimizes material degradation.
  • Capacity: Engineered to accommodate a diverse range of material sizes and weights, ensuring flexibility in operation.
  • Construction: Crafted for durability with minimal maintenance requirements, featuring a design devoid of mechanical devices along the material path to reduce wear and tear.
  • Other: Can be equipped with forced cooling or heating and supplied airtight to prevent material leakage.

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