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A growing part of the equipment made by SKAKO Vibration becomes part of a recycling factory – and if you ask the management team of SKAKO Vibration, the demand for SKAKO equipment from the recycling industry seems to increase further in the future:

“In  2017, equipment for the recycling sector represented less than 10 % of SKAKO Vibration’s revenue. Today, it represents between 30-40 % of our revenue”, says the Managing Director of SKAKO Vibration, Lionel Girieud, and continues:

“Our equipment can be used for many different applications across industries. In the recycling industry, our equipment is separating materials by size or density, washing materials or feeding other equipment with an even material layer. Any type of bulk material can be handled by our machines. For instance, the equipment we have sold to the recycling industry handles broken glass, waste, used tyres, old cables, batteries, and electronic components. And, as we customize our equipment, we can provide a wide range of solutions”.

The management team of SKAKO Vibration.
From the left: Javier Lobo, Lionel Girieud, Javier Urbelz, Javier Ramos, and Nikolai Jørgensen.

60-year-old vibration technology is facing a renaissance in the recycling industry

SKAKO has produced vibration equipment for 60 years, so being a part of the recycling industry still feels relatively new to the management team of SKAKO Vibration as well as the employees.

After the Spanish recycling machine developer, DARTEK, became a part of SKAKO Vibration in 2019, SKAKO Vibration’s development within the recycling sector has accelerated. 

Besides starting up several initiatives to implement SKAKO DARTEK’s experience within recycling in the rest of the organization, the management team of SKAKO Vibration has also been extended by three new members from SKAKO DARTEK.

Besides Lionel Girieud, located in France, the management team now consists of Nikolai Jørgensen, located in Denmark, and the three leaders of SKAKO DARTEK, Javier Ramos, Javier Lobo, and Javier Urbelz.

Together, the management team sets the strategy for a future where the vibration technology invented 60 years ago is facing a big renaissance in the recycling industry. 

Something to be proud of

One of the important topics discussed by the management team of SKAKO Vibration is the purpose of SKAKO Vibration:

“When contributing to the reuse of the planet’s resources, it is easy to see the purpose of the everyday work – at least for a manager with the company strategy in mind every day. But what about the employees designing and assembling our equipment? Do they know what difference the equipment they design or assemble will make? Do they know that this specific machine will contribute to the reuse of something, a higher efficiency, or a better work environment in a factory? Theoretically, they do, but they don’t have it in mind in their everyday work. It is our job as managers to tell them that they are doing a great job and that SKAKO Vibration has a lot to be proud of”, says Business Unit Director Nikolai Jørgensen.

Brand manifesto puts recycling at the top of mind every day

To show the employees – and the rest of the world – the purpose of SKAKO Vibration, the management team has made a brand manifesto informing of the work of SKAKO Vibration and the difference it makes, not only to the customers but to the planet (see the brand manifesto at the bottom of the page).

“The process of writing the brand manifesto has been just as important as the final product. It has been a good exercise for us in the management team to define who SKAKO Vibration is, what we do, and why,” explains Lionel Girieud.

“The brand manifesto puts recycling at the top of our minds every day, which means that it will have a positive effect on our future decisions. Whenever we make a decision, we must ensure that it is following the brand manifesto. According to the brand manifesto, the best use and reuse of the planet’s resources must always be in focus, and we must always do our best to be a positive impact player,” concludes Lionel Girieud.

SKAKO Vibration’s brand manifesto, made by the management team. “The process of writing the brand manifesto has been just as important as the final product,” says Managing Director Lionel Girieud.
The brand manifesto is displayed in SKAKO Vibration’s departments in Denmark, France, Spain, Germany, and the UK. On this photo, Nikolai Jørgensen stands in front of the Danish brand manifesto at the stock in Denmark.

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