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Heavy-Duty Feeders

Effective activation of bulk solids.

The complete feed system with the highest level of flexibility and very robust design, for bulk materials up to approx. 1500 mm.


Placed under hopper and fed by material up to 1.5 meters falling 5 meters, the heavy-duty feeders Skako Vibration type FCD-H can be up to 6.3 meters long and have a capacity up to 2000 t/h in standard version.


The features, range and versatility of the Skako FC modular feeders, make them the perfect choice for numerous applications in many industrial sectors.

  • Mining
  • Quarrying
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Associated Extractive Industries
  • Concrete
  • Iron & Steel
  • Coal & Power Generators


Numerous design options allow for the feeder assembly to be customised to best suit the applicational requirements.

  • 9 feeder standard widths, most available in 2 lengths.
  • Mechanical exciter drive types, offering fixed or infinitely variable feed rate control by means of a frequency inverter from appr. 25% to 100% of the preset capacity.
  • Open execution
  • Capacities from a few kilos to over 1900 Tonnes per hour in standard
  • Various liner options

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