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Storage Feeders

The SKAKO Storage Feeders provide efficient dosing and precise control of a variety of bulk materials, boasting exceptional flexibility and functionality. These feeders are designed to handle materials up to approximately 400 mm in size and are equipped with an advanced feeding system that includes a vibratory trough enhanced with high skirt plates for better containment.


SKAKO Storage Feeders are designed to activate bulk solids effectively, featuring a comprehensive and flexible feeding system. These systems are engineered to provide controlled and efficient handling of bulk materials up to 400 mm in size, making them ideal for diverse industrial applications. The feeders’ robust design, coupled with variable feed rate controls and high skirt plates, ensures minimal spillage and maximum efficiency. Whether it’s handling delicate materials in the glass industry or rugged applications in quarrying and mining, SKAKO Storage Feeders offer a reliable solution that can be tailored to meet the precise needs of any operation, enhancing both productivity and environmental compliance.


  • Applications: Excellently suited for a wide range of industrial sectors including quarrying, sand & gravel, cement, glass manufacturing, coal & power generators, hardware & coin production, automotive manufacturing, and the fastener industries.
  • Features: Available in 7 standard widths and primarily in 2 lengths, equipped with electromagnetic drives that allow for variable feed rate control to match precise operational needs.
  • Construction: Available in both open and enclosed designs, with options for dustproof configurations to comply with stringent environmental standards.
  • Capacity: Capable of handling material quantities ranging from a few kilograms to over 700 tons per hour, ensuring scalability and adaptability to various production volumes.
  • Customization: Offers extensive customization options including various liner materials, gates, integrated weighing systems, controls, and sensors to meet specific requirements and enhance operational efficiency.

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