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Storage Feeders

The storage feeder type FVE is a combination of a storage hopper and a vibratory feeder.

With the SKAKO VIBRATION storage feeder, controlled proportioning of components, including difficult interlocking materials such as nails, screws and pins can be achieved.

The FV storage feeder ensures an evenly controlled flow from the material stack, and by adjusting the stroke of the vibrator, the flow rate is infinitely variable. With the numerous options available, integration into many production processes are possible.


Numerous design options allow for the storage feeder to be customised to suit the exact process and applicational requirements :

  • 6 standard sizes.
  • Depending on the application, 3 drive types available
  • Load capacity up to 4,000 kg and 2240 litres.
  • Various liner options, gates and outlets available.
  • SKAKO – weigh system for integration into fully automatic loading systems.


The SKAKO VIBRATION storage feeder type FV is especially suitable for the charging of materials for:

  • Hardening furnaces, equipment for thermal surface treatment
  • Industrial washing machines, dryers, degreasers
  • Surface treatment equipment
  • Electroplating
  • Thread rolling, clutch / sharpeners, etc.
  • Sorting and inspection machines
  • Screening and separation equipment
  • Treatment plants
  • Weighing and packaging machines
  • Melting furnaces

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