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Spread Feeders

The SKAKO Spread Feeders are designed for effective activation and distribution of bulk solids, providing a complete feed system with unparalleled flexibility. These feeders are ideally positioned under hoppers, enabling uniform spreading of materials across the full width of downstream equipment, thereby optimizing operational efficiency.

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SKAKO Spread Feeders are part of the versatile modular feeder line that is recognized for its adaptability across many industrial applications. These feeders are designed to maximize the efficiency of material handling processes by ensuring a uniform distribution of materials, crucial for the optimal performance of downstream equipment. The ability to customize the feeder assembly allows it to be perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of different applications, enhancing process reliability and productivity. Whether for small-scale operations or large, heavy-duty environments, SKAKO Spread Feeders offer a reliable solution that integrates seamlessly into existing systems, contributing to improved throughput and operational efficiency in a variety of industrial settings.


  • Applications: Suitable for diverse industrial sectors including quarrying, sand & gravel, cement, glass, coal & power generators, hardware & coin production, automotive manufacturing, and fastener industries.
  • Features: Available with three drive types that offer either fixed or infinitely variable feed rate control, accommodating precise process requirements.
  • Construction: Options include open or enclosed designs and dustproof configurations to meet strict environmental standards.
  • Capacity: Engineered to handle capacities ranging from a few kilograms to over 1000 tons per hour, ensuring suitability for various scale operations.
  • Customization: Offers various liner options, gates, weighing systems, controls, and sensors to meet specific operational requirements.

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