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Sorting and Inspection

Solutions for Sorting and Inspection Machines.

SKAKO vibratory storage feeders are the best possible solution to make sorting and inspection machines running as long as possible always with the right quantity of products without needing an operator to ensure that the inspection machine has enough product to run with.


To complete the feeding equipment in front of an inspection / packing machine there is the SKAKO VIBRATION – Lift- and Tipping-system TILDE to empty all sizes of transportboxes (10 – 3.150 kg per box) into the a.m. feeders.


There are two possible solutions to feed the inspection and packing machines: the one is for very small and good flowing bulk material e.g. nuts, washers and very small/short screws where the SKAKO VIBRATION – silo feeder could be used; it´s prepared to placea 900 x 900 mm container ( with sliding gate in the bottom ) on top of the silo feeder; after opening the gate in the transport box the product flows into the silo of the feeder and could be feed into the following machine started and stopped with a level detector which is installed above the vibration bowl of the inspection / packing machine; the second solution for longer, bigger and interlocking products is the storage feeder type FVE which is available in different sizes (70 litres / 125 kg content up to 2.240 litres / 4.000 kg)

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