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The SKAKO VIBRATION – ON-Off-system is the culmination of over 35 years material handling experience and was developed in cooperation with our customer whose products and production process require as well automatic as consistent product feeding.

SKAKO VIBRATION – storage feeder type FVE are suited especially for feeding bulk material and also to untangle interlocking products to realize an automatic and consistent product flow. Specifically for extrem interlocking products which are very difficult to be handled automatically SKAKO VIBRATION developed the electronic ON-OFF-system where a storage feeder type FVE will be combined with a vibration trough type CCE/CCU.


This trough will be installed on a load-cell which allows a “communication” between the storage feeder and the vibration trough. The storage feeder batches small and controlled charges of product on to the vibration trough.

The vibration trough is feeding and spreading the product consistent to the following machine. The load cell controls the single charges out of the storage feeder and guarantees a permanent, consistent and automatic product feeding.

Controlled, automatic and consistent feeding of bulk material ensures a steady product quality, optimized efficiency of the downstream equipment to be feeded.


  • Discharge of industrial washing and drying machines
  • Feeding and discharge of industrial electroplating- and surface treatment lines
  • Feeding of weighing- and packing machines
  • Feeding of production-/sorting and control machines

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