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Furnace chargers

SKAKO furnace chargers are the safest and most reliable equipment for feeding melting furnaces. Their design and operation avoid hot metal splashing, while the vibration controlled by a frequency variator and weighing system optimize the furnace feeding.


A single charger can feed a single furnace or be used on several furnaces thanks to its motorized travelling trolley.

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SKAKO furnace chargers are of heavy construction and are essentially composed of:

  • A hopper for storing the materials to be melted
  • A vibrating trough protected by wear liners and generally mounted on load cells to control the load,
  • Two unbalanced motors to be controlled by frequency inverter to vary the furnace feed rate
  • A discharge snout made of refractory stainless-steel nose to spill product into the furnace
  • A travelling motorized trolley to release the loader from the furnace and/or to move it to other furnaces.


The features, range and versatility of the SKAKO furnace chargers, make them the perfect choice for all type of foundries.

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