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Densimetric Tables

SKAKO Vibration provides a complete range of densimetric tables, which can be used in various industrial sectors. Particularly in recycling and waste repurposing (glass, alumini-um, compost, sawdust, etc.). The method of separation by density can be used with materials up to 80 mm after a preliminary sorting of these ones, usually realised thanks to a vibrating screen.

SKAKO Vibration’s densimetric tables are designed to en-sure with precision and stability the combination of the ef-fects of fluidization and the vibrating conveyor. The heavy-duty design allows utilisation under any circumstances. To ensure an optimal performance, SKAKO Vibration’s machines are factory tested before being delivered to final customer. This meticulous conception, made by a qualified team of engineers and technicians enable to guarantee a reduced air and energy consumption, while ensuring con-tinuous functioning thanks to a controlled flow.


SKAKO Vibration offers two ranges of densimetric tables depending on the granulometry and the density of the materials to be processed (5 models for average granulo-metries and low densities and 3 models for granulometries up to 80mm and any densities). We can also develop models upon special requests. Every model can be equipped with various options such as an electrical control unit or a sys-tem for partial or total dust collecting to adapt to each use at best.

Factory testing allows to realise tests with a large range of materials, in order to optimize the reliability of densimetric process and to ensure capacity and efficiency. Every SKAKO Vibration equipment is factory tested before being shipped to the final customer. The wide range of SKAKO Vibration products offers optimized solutions that are perfectly adapted to users’ problems.


The recycling processes using this type of densimetric separation method are becoming more numerous and include, among others:

  • Urban solid waste
  • Used tires recycling
  • Biomass
  • Metals
  • Used car recycling
  • Construction waste recycling
  • Glass recycling

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