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Densimetric Tables

The SKAKO Densimetric tables, expertly designed to facilitate precise and stable material separation by density, catering to particles as large as 80 mm.


SKAKO Vibration Densimetric tables ingeniously combine the effects of fluidization with the functionality of vibrating conveyors to optimize material separation. This innovative mechanism works by injecting air to float lighter density particles, while the vibrating table motion effectively transports heavier particles across the surface. This dual-action setup not only enhances separation efficiency but also ensures a highly stable and precise separation process, making these tables an invaluable tool in the recycling and processing industries. They are particularly well-suited to environments requiring high accuracy in density segregation to improve product quality and operational efficiency. Custom models can be tailored upon request.


  • Applications: Effective in processes involving urban solid waste, used tires, biomass, metals, used car recycling, construction waste, and glass recycling.
  • Features: Offers models for average granulometries and low densities, as well as models for granulometries up to 80mm and any densities.
  • Construction: Built with a heavy-duty design for reliable operation under any conditions.
  • Options: Factory testing is possible to ensure optimized performance where you have minimal air and energy consumption. Can be equipped with electrical control units or dust collection systems to suit different operational needs.

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