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Vibration tables

The SKAKO Vibration tables for compaction offer a robust and efficient solution for compacting almost any type of bulk solids. These tables are essential in industries that require precise compaction techniques to ensure material stability and density.

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The SKAKO Vibration tables are used not only for compaction tasks but also for performance testing of electronic or automotive components, making them versatile tools in both production and testing environments. Their simple yet effective design allows for efficient operation, making them suitable for a wide range of applications across many industrial sectors. The ability to customize these tables with features like retractable sections and roller tracks further enhances their utility, providing tailored solutions to meet specific operational requirements. Whether compacting materials to achieve desired densities or conducting rigorous vibration tests, these tables offer reliable performance and robust construction, essential for industrial applications where precision and durability are paramount.


  • Application: Suitable for diverse industrial sectors including quarrying, sand & gravel, cement, glass, coal & power generators, hardware & coin production, automotive manufacturing, and fastener industries.
  • Features: Designed for the compaction of concrete prefabs, foundry sand, bulk products in containers or big bags, and polymers.
  • Capacity: Can handle material up to 2 meters, with lengths up to 10 meters and capacities up to 2000 t/h in standard versions.
  • Construction: Heavy-duty construction suitable for harsh environments with the ability to handle material static loads and dynamic stresses.
  • Customization: Pneumatically retractable vibration tables, with roller tracks.

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