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Flip Flow screen

The SKAKO Flip Flow screen is engineered with polyurethane meshes, making it supremely effective for screening challenging and problematic materials often found in various recycling processes.


The Flip Flow screen is particularly advantageous for materials with excessive moisture, low density, or a tendency to clog meshes—challenges often inadequately addressed by other screening technologies like rotary or conventional vibrating screens. Its sub-resonant frame architecture significantly amplifies the vibration of the main frame, achieving mesh accelerations of up to 50 G, which dramatically increases screening efficiency. The screening surface itself is composed of high-density polyurethane panels, arranged on separate modules tailored to specific screening needs, from the size of the product to the required mesh opening. This sophisticated design ensures optimal performance even under the most demanding conditions, making the Flip Flow screen a pivotal tool in advanced recycling operations


  • Applications: Excellently suited for difficult conditions in recycling sectors such as urban solid waste, used tires, biomass, metals, used cars, expired food and drugs, construction waste, glass, and incineration slags.
  • Features: Offers versatile screening options, capable of incorporating various types of screening media including conventional metal mesh, rigid polyurethane panels, metal bars, and holed plates. Its design allows for the custom configuration of vibration frequencies and amplitudes to optimally handle specific materials.
  • Construction: Features a robust sub-resonant frame designed to amplify vibrations, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in material separation.

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