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Probabilistics Screen

The SKAKO Probabilistic Screen is designed to handle a broad range of materials, from fine powders to substantial dimensions, all while ensuring minimal wear and low maintenance needs.


The Probabilistic Screen operates on a unique principle of micro projections, compelling materials to impact the screening surface repeatedly at high frequencies. This method allows for extremely accurate screening outcomes. The compact, efficient design of the Probabilistic Screen not only minimizes its physical footprint but also enhances its operational effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for environments where space and precision are at a premium.


  • Applications: Versatile enough for multiple industries, including recycling and minerals.
  • Features: Offers high capacity and a compact design, enabling airtight screening of 2 to 7 fractions simultaneously, optimizing space and efficiency.
  • Construction: Features a minimal support structure, a direct result of its innovative compact design that maximizes space efficiency.
  • Maintenance: Designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that all components are easy to reach and maintain, reducing downtime and labour costs.

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