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Natural frequency conveyors

Using the natural frequency of their suspension, Natural Frequency conveyors can transport the majority of bulk materials on long distances with a minimum of energy.

Puntos destacados

Indicated for long transport lengths with a single vibrating group up to 30 meters. SKAKO Natural Frequency Conveyor provide a notable improvement in production processes thanks to their significant flow rates, long life, high reliability and low energy consumption. Its robust design ensures continuous, problem-free service, even in the most demanding conditions, with high performance and minimal maintenance.

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The features, range and versatility of the Skako electromechanical conveyors, make them the perfect choice for numerous applications in many industrial sectors.

  • Foundries
  • Recycling industries
  • Concrete
  • Cement
  • Glass
  • Coal & Power Generators
  • Food & Pet Food


  • Transport length up to 30 meters with just one piece of equipment
  • Possibility of transporting parts weighing more than 100 kg each
  • Linear vibrations simply generated by a crank and connecting rod system
  • Can transport hot materials
  • Possibility of incorporating cooling or heating processes

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