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Compact Screens

The SKAKompact Screens, can be based on the design of both linear and circular action screens with steep slope screening decks, offer increased screening capacity through a combination of vibration and “free fall” of materials onto the screening surface. This unique design results in a more compact equipment compared to conventional screens of equal capacity, making them ideal for large mesh screening applications.

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SKAKO Compact Screens are designed to withstand rigorous industrial demands, with each unit, including models like SKAKompact, capable of handling significant weight up to 40 tons. Utilizing heavy-duty construction methods such as cold riveting (Huckbolting), these screens minimize or eliminate internal stresses, leading to a prolonged operational life and reduced maintenance costs. The Compact Screens an indispensable tool in industries requiring high-capacity, reliable, and efficient screening.


  • Applications: Effective across multiple sectors such as recycling, minerals, mining, extractive industries, quarrying, sand & gravel, iron & steel, fertilizer, and chemical industries.
  • Features: High capacity, compact design, airtight screening capabilities, and available in 1 to 4 decks with screening areas from 0.5 m² to 5 m². Options for woven wire mesh, perforated plate, or wedge decks. Both linear and circular vibration motion can be applied.
  • Construction: Available in mild steel, stainless steel, or acid-resistant steel. Can be supplied with additional accessories like covers, support frames, discharge chutes, and complete dust proof protection.
  • Drive Unit: Choices include unbalanced vibrator motors, mechanical geared vibrators powered by electric or hydraulic motors.
  • User-Friendly Attributes: Features like longitudinally tensioned screening decks for easy replacement, self-cleaning capabilities, and a ball deck option for handling materials prone to blinding or pegging enhance usability and reliability.

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