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Electromechanical Conveyors

Vibratory electromechanical conveyors type CC or CO can transport the majority of bulk materials, from powdered materials to 1 meter diameter rocks, with a very reduced wear and a minimal maintenance.


The transport of materials is performed through linear vibrations. Material is conveyed through air most of the time resulting in a minimum wear and deterioration of the tray and/or coating.

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The features, range and versatility of the Skako electromechanical conveyors, make them the perfect choice for numerous applications in many industrial sectors.

  • Recycling industries
  • Quarrying
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Associated Extractive Industries
  • Concrete
  • Cement
  • Glass
  • Iron & Steel
  • Coal & Power Generators
  • Food & Pet Food
  • Hardware & Coin Production


As there are no mechanical devices in the path of materials, vibrating conveyors are long lasting and require minimal maintenance.
Transportation through vibration is soft and respectful with the material, causing a minimal degradation on it.

The transport zone can be tubular (type CO) or trough type (type CC).

Vibrating conveyors can be supplied completely dustproof to prevent leaking material and therefore to protect the environment.

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