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Skakompact Screens

Based on the design of SNU type linear action screens with steep slope screening decks: in addition to vibration, screening capacity is increased by the “free fall” of materials onto the screening surface. As a result, the equipment is more compact than conventional screens of equal capacity. Skakompact screens are mainly used for large mesh screening.

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With the screen ranges including individual units weighing over 40 Tonnes, all the screens are manufactured utilising our heavy duty constructional methods, allowing for internal stresses to be minimised or eliminated. This results in long operating life expectancy, with low and easy maintenance requirements.

All the screen body components are cold riveted together (also called ‘Huckbolting’), therefore eliminating any weld stresses which are inherent in welded constructional methods.

This heavy duty constructional method allows the SKAKO VIBRATION screens to efficiently and safely operate with acceleration levels up to 5G, and the high dynamic loadings generated by the vibratory drive units.

Because SKAKO VIBRATION has over 80 years experience in this field and a dedicated team of specialists, we can offer a complete range of screens and other vibrating machines, which can be put together to form complete handling systems, or be individually integrated into existing installations.


The features, range and versatility of the SKAKO SCREENS, make them the perfect choice for numerous applications in many industrial sectors.

  • Mining and associated extractive industry
  • Quarrying
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Iron & Steel
  • Fertilizer industry and other chemical industry

For more detailed information on specific applications, please contact Skako Vibration.

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