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Originally designed to remove clay from aggregates, SKAKO Logwasher are nowadays used in construction and demolition waste recycling industry

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Stones or C&D wastes fall into an inclined tank under water where two shafts equipped with cast iron arms and paddles rotate in opposite directions, creating attrition necessary to separate the clay from the materials and discharging the clean material.

In option, a “water box” can be added to the tank to remove unwanted floating materials.

A washing & dewatering screen is usually placed downstream of the logwasher, to finish cleaning materials and remove water.

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Numerous design options allow for the logwasher to be customised to suit the exact process and applicational requirements :

  • 6 standard sizes with 3 tank lengths and 2 different widths
  • Capacities from 30 to 200 tons per hour our solid material for 20 to 100 cubic meters per hour of water.
  • For material dimensions from 4 mm minimum to 30 or 80 mm maximum.
  • Special design for C&D waste recycling
  • Option of “water box” to remove unwanted floating materials


The features, range and versatility of the SKAKO LOGWASHERS make them the perfect choice for numerous applications in many industrial sectors.

  • Recycling of construction and demolition wastes
  • Quarrying
  • Sand & Gravel
  • All mining and associated extractive industries.

For more detailed information on specific applications, please contact Skako Vibration

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