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Complete recycling division at your service

The complexity of the recycling industry has required a rational sub-segmentation of the segment to be able to offer specific solutions to targeted customers. Upon acquisition in November 2019, Dartek Proyectos y Maquinara S.L.L was fully integrated into the division and became SKAKO Dartek. SKAKO Dartek’s product range became an excellent supplement to SKAKO Vibration’s product range and made the division a leading player in the recycling segment. The new member of the SKAKO Group was established in 2008 focusing on design and manufacturing of vibrating machinery and industrial facilities. Since then, the company specialized in providing complete and customized machines for special applications with a strong orientation and adaption to the recycling industry. The commercial network has widely spread to professional dealers in Spain, Portugal and the USA among other countries. All activities are supported by an associated workshop with 60 years of experience in manufacturing machinery. All in all – recycling expertise – second to none.

Technical expertise and decades of experience ensuring top quality products

We give our best every day to offer technical innovation, knowhow, flexibility and full service in the design of machinery and its adaption to customer needs.

Our garanteed service covers all areas within design, manufactoring, commisioning and after sales service.

Our goal is to develop equipment adapted to current and future applications in the industry which allow individual solutions to be found for each process. This shall finally stregthen the customer’s position in the market.


We will adapt our range of products to demands from the recycling segment: Part of recycling segment in our overall revenue > 40% before 2025

Own consumption

Minimize our own material resources and energy consumption in our internal processes: Consumption of renewable energy = 100% before 2025

Working environment

Implement a better working environment: Employee satisfaction ratio > 4.5 before 2025


Our own products shall be recyclable: Recyclable part of our products > 99% before 2025

Climate-ready production company

In collaboration with Dansk Industri og Industriens Fond, SKAKO has completed the project “Climate-ready production company” and thereby created a reasonable basis for ongoing monitoring and measurement of the company’s general environmental impact and total CO2 emissions. The result has become a valuable tool in SKAKO’s overall environmental efforts in a number of relevant areas, including waste, recycling, energy and processes – but especially the purchase of steel, iron and metal and transport. The last mentioned areas make up the vast majority of SKAKO’s total environmental impact, which is why SKAKO’s environmental efforts are primarily aimed at GHGP (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) scope 3 and the collaboration with our partners and the improvement opportunities that lie in e.g. efficient logistics and optimized transport, circular economy, climate-efficient materials, alternative, climate-friendly fuels, green energy in electricity-heavy processes, etc. It is through the solid collaboration with subcontractors and partners that SKAKO is able to make by far the biggest positive difference in the overall, global environmental accounts.

SKAKO Vibration is part of – A Project whitch aims to stop the decline of our world’s bee population