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Vibrating Conveyors

The SKAKO Vibrating Conveyors are engineered to transport a wide range of bulk materials, from fine powders to rocks up to one meter in diameter, using vibratory motion that minimizes wear and maintenance.

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SKAKO Vibrating Conveyors are renowned for their versatility and broad applicability across various industrial sectors, making them a preferred choice for tasks in recycling, quarrying, sand and gravel, and other extractive industries. These conveyors are also well-suited for use in concrete, cement, glass, iron and steel, coal and power generation, as well as the food and pet food industries. Their ability to ensure a consistent and controlled material flow to downstream processes, combined with easy cleaning and minimal downtime, underscores their value in industrial settings. With their robust construction and advanced vibratory technology, SKAKO Vibrating Conveyors are crucial for operations requiring reliable, low-maintenance solutions for material transport.


  • Applications: Foundries, recycling industries, concrete and cement, glass manufacturing, coal & power generators, food & pet food, hardware & coin production.
  • Features: Utilizes linear vibrations for gentle and consistent material flow, ensuring minimal material degradation. With Electromagnetic drive it’s possible to variable the feed rate control from 0% to 100% of the preset capacity.
  • Capacity: Designed to handle large volumes and heavy loads, ensuring operational efficiency and throughput.
  • Construction: Available in 7 standard widths and most in 2 lengths. Features robust troughs built to withstand abrasive materials and harsh environments. The design can be fully dustproof to prevent material leakage and environmental contamination. The minimal use of mechanical moving parts enhances the system’s reliability and longevity, reducing maintenance demands.
  • Customization: Numerous design options are available to tailor the feeder assembly to specific application requirements.
  • Additional Features: Various liner options, gates, and sensors to enhance functionality and efficiency.

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