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Removing sand from molds of foundry parts

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The vibration generated by SKAKO Shake-Out breaks up and removes sand from foundry castings

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The features, range and versatility of the Skako electromechanical conveyors, make them the perfect choice for numerous applications in foundries.


Two types of SKAKO Shake-Out are available:

  • Stationary type: the mold must be placed on the shaker where the casting will be separated from the sand (which will flow through the perforated zone of the shake-out), then it must be handled out of the shake-out to continue its manufacturing process.
  • Unloading type: The shake-out needs to be included in a continuous handling line. The mold is brought by upstream equipment to one end of the shake-out and will be transported by vibrations along the entire length of the shake-out until it feeds downstream equipment. During its transport phase, the sand will be eliminated by vibrations through the perforations of the shake-out.

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