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Washing drums

The Single Flow “De-Mudding” Washing Drum by SKAKO Vibration is an essential piece of equipment for removing mud, washing, and recovering valuable minerals such as phosphate. Continuously refined over the years, this washing drum is recognized for its optimized performance and straightforward maintenance.


The SKAKO Washing Drum features a compact and optimized design that efficiently handles large material volumes while minimizing power consumption. It includes proven rubber lining that ensures thorough washing and scrubbing action as materials move forward. The drum’s chassis is constructed from standardized units with a direct drive, which eliminates the need for V-belt transmission, simplifying the mechanical complexity and reducing maintenance. Furthermore, it boasts a simple, wear-resistant, and waterproof sealing system alongside comprehensive corrosion protection measures, enhancing its durability and longevity. This robust construction and thoughtful design make the SKAKO Washing Drum an invaluable asset in industrial processes where material cleanliness and recovery are paramount.


  • Application: Primarily used in the mineral industries
  • Features:
    • Multiple configurations available to ensure high operational efficiency and easy maintenance.
    • Dewatering screens for handling very sticky materials after washing.
    • Inlet chutes lined with rubber and equipped with water addition for effective washing.
    • Outlet chutes adapted to suit subsequent machinery.
    • Additional screens can be implemented for sand removal before or after the washing drum.
  • Capacity: Capacity up to 900tons per hour, incorporating features like pre-separation, de-mudding, after washing, and dewatering within the complete installation. All type of material up to 350mm block size.
  • Construction: Diameter up to 4 meters length up to 12 meters
    • Housing is tailored to withstand local environmental conditions.
    • Safety guards designed for optimal access and easy maintenance.
    • Service access bridge included for internal maintenance tasks, such as lining replacement.

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