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Heavy Duty Linear Motion Screens

The SKAKO Heavy Duty Linear Motion Screens are specifically designed for rigorous screening environments such as mining, mineral extraction, and iron & steel production. These screens employ a linear vibratory motion which enables materials to move directly down the screening surface, efficiently handling even the challenging applications like hot screening.

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The SKAKO Linear Motion Screens, capable of handling units weighing over 40 tons, are built using a heavy-duty construction method. This method, which includes the use of cold riveting or Huckbolting, eliminates weld stresses common in other construction methods, thus enhancing durability. The design allows these screens to operate efficiently and safely with acceleration levels up to 5G, accommodating high dynamic loadings from the vibratory drive units. The innovative construction guarantees long operational life and low maintenance costs, making these screens a reliable choice for demanding industrial applications.


  • Applications: Optimal for mining, iron & steel production, and mineral extraction.
  • Features: Capable of handling arduous screening environments and hot materials due to its robust design. 1, 2, or 3 decks in standard. Screening area up to 50m^2.
  • Construction: Built using heavy-duty methods with “Huckbolting” technology for robustness and to alleviate weld stresses, enhancing durability.
  • Maintenance: Designed for low maintenance needs, enhancing long-term operational efficiency.

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