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Heavy Duty Circular Motion Screens

The SKAKO Heavy Duty Circular Motion Screens are robust, declined screens designed to facilitate the forward movement of materials. The decline angle varies, typically between 15 to 30 degrees depending on specific applications, which optimizes the combined effects of circular vibratory motion and the slope for high screening efficiency and precise sizing.

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The SKAKO Circular Motion Screens, capable of handling units weighing over 40 tons, are built using a heavy-duty construction method. This circular motion screen has a smaller powerrating at less acceleration is required. The innovative construction guarantees long operational life and low maintenance costs, making these screens a reliable choice for demanding industrial applications.


  • Applications: Ideal for quarrying, sand & gravel, and other extractive industries.
  • Features: Screening surfaces inclined at 15 to 30 degrees enhance contact and separation efficiency. 1, 2 or 3 decks in standard. Screening area up to 32m^2
  • Construction: Built using heavy-duty methods with “Huckbolting” technology for robustness and to alleviate weld stresses, enhancing durability.
  • Maintenance: Easier to maintain due to available space between decks. Also easier to unplug stuck materials.

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