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Weighing Systems

The SKAKO Weigh System is an advanced weigh controller tailored for vibratory equipment, combining precise control of vibratory feeders with sophisticated weighing functions. This system is designed to provide both continuous and batch proportioning of materials, making it a crucial tool in the manufacture of screws, nails, bolts, nuts, rivets, brackets, and various stamped and forged products.


The SKAKO Weighing system integrates with vibration lines, which are installed on a load cell. This setup facilitates efficient “communication” between the storage feeder and the vibration trough, allowing for precise control over the feeding process.

The storage feeder dispenses small, controlled charges of product onto the vibration trough, which then feeds and spreads the product consistently to the subsequent machinery. The load cell plays a crucial role in this system by controlling the discharge from the storage feeder, ensuring a permanent, consistent, and automatic product feeding.
The weighing system can be programmed for different weighing processes such as:

  • Discontinuous/continuous negative weighing
  • Positive weighing of charge
  • Negative weighing of charge

The SKAKO Weighing System features simple and efficient operation via a touchscreen, where easy adjustment of product data can be managed. Variables such as flow rate/batch weight, refill and empty limits, vibrator speed, etc., can be controlled. It is also possible to program “recipes” for specific types of material. Integrated Profinet communication allows for customer connectivity and surveillance to avoid overfilling of the system. The system incorporates the latest flow calculation algorithm and offers advanced settings protected by passwords. Customer-specific factory settings are stored as a backup.


  • Applications: Control of vibratory feeders, discharge of industrial washing and drying machines, feeding and discharge of industrial electroplating and surface treatment lines, feeding of weighing and packing machines Feeding of production, sorting, and control machines.
  • Specifications: User-friendly panel interface.
  • Options: Profibus communication, remote monitoring, and control.

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