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Gabion Filling System

The SKAKOGAB system introduces a revolutionary method for filling and compacting gabions, greatly enhancing the efficiency and quality of retaining walls and similar structures. With its innovative, patent-pending design, this system not only accelerates production but also improves the compactness and stability of the filled gabions.


The SKAKOGAB system centers a 2000×1000 mm vibrating table designed to accommodate one or more gabion crates efficiently. This setup is enhanced with a bottom grate and a discharge chute for fines recovery, coupled with a belt conveyor that transports fines to a side container for efficient disposal. For increased automation and operational efficiency, the SKAKOGAB system can be integrated with a hopper and one or two feeders, allowing for extended operation without the need for constant refilling. This system is designed to be adaptable, offering various levels of automation to meet different operational needs and scale requirements, making it an ideal solution for industries seeking to optimize their gabion filling processes


  • Applications: Primarily designed for road construction and related applications where gabion walls are utilized.
  • Features: Equipped with a metal bottom grate with a discharge chute and a belt conveyor, which facilitates efficient fines removal and reduces the need for manual clearing.
  • Capacity: Increases the compactness of gabions, with a typical 2m³ SKAKOGAB gabion weighing about 3,600 kg and achieving a bulk density of 1.5, which is 10% higher than that of standard gabions.
  • Options: Stones can be directly fed into the SKAKOGAB or via a hopper that supports 4-5 filling cycles. Optional platforms are available to provide easy access and oversight during operation.

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