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L’Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP), one of the world’s largest producer of phosphate, has chosen SKAKO Vibration as the supplier of transport equipment throughout the expansion phase of OCP’s phosphate handling facility in Morocco. The order represents a value of approx. 3.3 million Euro.

The order from OCP is an addition to the 2015 order, which included a screening plant with a 44 m² vibratory screen (see attached picture).  SKAKO will now supply transport equipment, to ensure a more cost-efficient transport from the storage facilities to the port. The transport equipment will be delivered and installed in 2017.

This new order strengthens SKAKO Vibration’s position as a global supplier of equipment for the phosphate industry. “It is another significant milestone in terms of our growth strategy, which is to continuously develop new products for the mining industry and focus on the growth markets in Europe and North Africa,” says Lionel Girieud, Managing Director of SKAKO Vibration. “Morocco has two thirds of the world’s phosphate reserves and OCP is one of the world’s largest phosphate manufacturers. I am very pleased that SKAKO Vibration has been selected to provide transport equipment for this strategically important project, and that OCP confirms that SKAKO Vibration is their preferred supplier of equipment.”

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