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The purpose of the activities of SKAKO Investor Relations (IR) is to contribute to the Company share being liquid and the pricing of the share reflecting SKAKO’s results and future earning possibilities. This is done by ensuring that relevant, accurate and punctual information is sent to the share market.

SKAKO aims at having a current, punctual, reliable, active and balanced dialog with both present and potential shareholders and others interested parties within the frames valid for companies noted on the stock exchange.

Through this dialog, SKAKO seeks to create knowledge of – and understanding of – the Company’s activities, strategy and results as well as development of the markets on which SKAKO is operating. SKAKO attaches importance to setting up clear future financial targets and continuously following up the fulfilling hereof.

SKAKO is glad to participate in meetings with both professional and private investors as well as analysts. To have as many interested parties as possible, the target of SKAKO is to webcast at least one presentation per year and the Company seeks to make relevant information accessible via the webpage.
SKAKO’s target is to have an improved coverage of the Company by both analysts and relevant business journalists.

SKAKO does not comment on financial results or expectations for a period of four weeks prior to the publication of planned quarterly and half-yearly reports.

Communication is handled by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, unless otherwise agreed.

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