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New mixer installed on three continents.

At Bauma 2013, SKAKO Concrete presented a new development with the ROTOCONIX® mixer, which, although based on well-proven components, sets new standards in the way the respective techniques are combined and interact in one and the same mixer.
The ROTOCONIX® mixer is available in nominal sizes RTX750, RTX1500 and RTX2250.

From month of June this new type of mixer will be installed at several precast plants on three continents.

At Bauma 2013, SKAKO Concrete presented the ROTOCONIX® mixer, a newly developed series that – although based on tried and tested components – sets a new benchmark in the way the individual techniques are combined and interact in one and the same mixer. ROTOCONIX® mixers are available in three nominal sizes: RTX750, RTX1500 and RTX2250.
Since then, this new type of mixer has already been installed at several precast plants on three continents, as demonstrated by the examples form Qatar, Russia, Italy and the United States referred to below.

Two SKAKO mixers installed in Qatar

Two of SKAKO’s new concrete mixers ROTOCONIX® are soon to be installed together with a SKAKO Atlantis AM2250 mixer in the new factory for curbs, paving stones and blocks operated by Smeet Precast S.P.C. in Doha, Qatar. The two ROTOCONIX® mixers were chosen for this project because they achieve compelling results within the production of high-strength and face concrete whilst ensuring remarkable colour homogeneity and workability. At Smeet Precast S.P.C., mixers of the RTX750 size will be installed in spring and the summer of 2014.
One ROTOCONIX® 750 mixer will be installed in production line together with a Forest Wetpress to manufacture curbs and other special products, whereas the second ROTOCONIX® 750 mixer will be added along with a SKAKO Atlantis mixer to be used for production of face and base mixes, together with a KVM unit to manufacture colored paving stones and block products.

The rotating pan with tools

New ROTOCONIX® for Russian company

In Russia, the company Zavod Zhelezobetonnykh Stroitelnykh Konstruktsy in the city of Samara is currently in the process of setting up a new factory. The project will be implemented in several phases. Once completed, the factory should be one of the most advanced, versatile and modern facilities ever seen.
The factory will be manufacturing a wide range of products, including architectural sandwich panels. For this purpose, a ROTOCONIX® 2250 will be installed to produce the face mix, together with three ATLANTIS 3000 planetary mixers.

ROTOCONIX® mixer ready for shipment

ROTOCONIX® 1500 for Styl-Comp in Italy

Styl-Comp in Italy has a very high-end quality, exclusively customized worldwide production with a mix of highly specialized aggregate powders. This innovative product will be used to manufacture unique architectural precast panels according to the group mission, which is the highly skilled implementation of client and designer requirements, blending technology and aesthetics.
For this purpose, the company required a mixer to produce batches of concrete in a swift, precise and very homogeneous way. For this demanding application, the ROTOCONIX® 1500 mixer with its conical pan and a stirrer inside the mixer meets the sophisticated requirements defined by the customer. As a fast-moving tool, the stirrer ensures an extremely efficient decomposition of the different aggregates and cement lumps in the concrete mix.

 Two SKAKO mixers were installed at Smeet in Qatar

New mixer for UHPC product in the United States

During the 2014 World of Concrete in Las Vegas, SKAKO Concrete, Inc. met with representatives of Landscape Forms. They had seen the video of the ROTOCONIX® mixer online, and wanted to meet the people behind the product that had so impressed them.
Landscape Forms, headquartered in Michigan United States, has been producing site furniture and accessories for over 40 years. Recently, the company launched the Strata series of products, an innovative collection of benches and tables specifically designed for the proprietary “MeldStone” ultra-high-performance concrete.
“Having the knowledge and capabilities in-house to get really thin cross-sections with a lot of structure enables us to do things that haven’t been done before. With Strata, Landscape Forms has begun exploring the frontier opened up by this material and process innovation to create something original and beautiful”, states Kirt Martin, Vice President of Design and Marketing.
Working with UHPC offers Landscape Forms flexibility in design. UHPC enables designers to achieve geometrical shapes that simply could not be explored with normal concrete. UHPC has a high resistance to impact and abrasion and achieves very thin and flexible cross-sections, lightweight and slender designs and curved shapes.
Landscape Forms have a thorough understanding of the technical aspect of the UHPC production. With this in mind, they set out to find the mixer that would meet the demands of UHPC. While narrowing down the search, they learned about the ROTOCONIX® 750 mixer from SKAKO. The mixer offers Landscape Forms the flexibility to produce high-quality UHPC in the quantities they require during production.
Dan Clark, Concrete Process Engineer  at Landscape Forms, made the following comments: “Landscape Forms is always pushing the design envelope, the ROTOCONIX® is the only mixer that meets our needs.”

The ROTOCONIX® mixer series

The ROTOCONIX® series is new, but its principles are tried and tested.
The new mixer combines these different principles. It works the material in all dimensions, vertically and horizontally, eliminating any dead zones that may occur in the mixer during mixing process.
The conical shape of the rotating mixer pan ensures a uniform mixing quality across a large range of the filling. The mixer is efficient for batches between 10 to 100 % of the nominal size of the mixer. This feature is crucial because it enables the production of both high-quality face and base mix in one and the same mixer.
The rotating (reversible) mixer pan moves the concrete to the high-speed stirrer whose speed ensures that the concrete is thoroughly worked so that any agglomerations of sand, colour and cement are fully disintegrated. The disintegration of sand agglomerations is of major importance for most products, particularly for roof tiles. The ROTOCONIX® mixer addresses this specific issue.
More generally, many trials have shown that ROTOCONIX® mixers can achieve greater  concrete strength with a given amount of cement. Thus SKAKO offers interested parties the option to bring their own material to the test facility to make production directly comparable with existing production lines and thus establish a basis for analyzing the cost/benefit ratio of the production process.
Based on the above-mentioned potential cement savings, ROTOCONIX® mixers are recommended for most types of product, including hollow-core floors and pipes.

Italcementi iLab, LEED Platinum building with a variety of different structural and architectural precast concrete elements, custom designed, produced and installed by Styl-Comp Group

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